September 2009
Old Masters Revisited
July was unseasonably wet even for London
and so I spent happy days in Galleries and
Museums where I re-acquainted myself with
some favorite old masters. Inspired, I sought
to rejuvenate a few of these timeless images;
the resulting six are now on my painting page.
July 2009
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Inge's Biography

About the Author
The author, who publishes under the name Papalazarou,
is an English experimental writerwho lives in self-imposed
exile on a lavender farm in Crete with his muse and wife Gill.

He is currently working on a series of short stories about modern
day Crete and is completing a novel.

He is a close personal friend of Inge Clayton and first met her when
he and his wife had been collecting her work for some years.
Their house in Crete is an informal Clayton gallery.

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YouTube - A first video of Inge painting
..June 2008
.."Love is a loosing game"
Look at an enlargement  of "Love is a loosing game"
oil on perspex
20 x 43 inches, 50 x 110cm
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Feeling a little melancholy late one Saturday night and endlessly listening to Amy's "LOVE IS A LOOSING GAME", I went to my studio and started to paint. I painted all night and thought ... AMY SURVIVES - and she is still singing.

April 2008


I have been invited to have an exhibition in Innsbruck/Austria - although I am born in Salzburg -
I am delighted to show in this lovely Tyrolean city.
Should you be in this part of the world - please come and have a glass of something sparkling.
I shall be there on the eve of the 29th of April and will be pleased to welcome you.
The exhibition will run until the 24th of May.

Innrain 41, Innsbruck

Print out your own invitation to the exhibition (pdf- 900kb) by clicking the logo
    January 2008
    Derek and Gill, my very first patrons who now live in Crete, in a beautiful house of their own design were
excited to see my new painting 'Last Supper', that not only did they phone to tell me so but also emailed me ...

"The Last Supper is a recurring theme for Inge. We have the very first of her Last Suppers - a Beckettian interpretation that boasts only two figures and a massive amount of portentous tension. Unless I misread
her badly these paintings carry no religious signifiers. The Last Supper, for Inge, serves as an empty sign into which she pours her own signifiers.

This latest incarnation plays with her love of portraying powerful people, and reflects her love of cinema. Klaus Kinski and F W Murnau are here in spirit, as is Max Schreck - almost literally. The rats, so central to Murnau's Nosferatu, are here. The darkness of the heart is here. Look into the shadows if you dare. Look again at the
christ figure and ponder the possibilities of eternal life. Linger on the flesh: the flesh of the fruits and the flesh
of the disciples.

If we had any wall space left we would snap this one up to add to our Clayton collection."

     November 2007
Beth Ditto
oil on acetate 35 x 24 inches 89 x 61cm
Click here to view an enlargement

Having bumped into Beth Ditto recently, I was overwhelmed with the need to paint her big, beautiful, voluptous and sensual body, coupled with her fabulous persona.

This is my essence of Beth and I hope this Fat Lady will sing for a long, long time.
November 2007

....... Sotheby's

The Bronze Rocking Horse was sold at Sotheby's Auction for £12.000 incl. Buyers Premium.

....... The International Playing Card Society
have invited me to give a talk on my "Decadent Card Deck" on Saturday 1st December in London.